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Capitol Comment

Time's Up

It’s time to send a serious message. Not just to the politicians in DC, but also the moneyed interests behind the scenes, the powerful trade groups, the economically ignorant, and those who would rather feed off the productive than produce themselves.

Time’s Up.

It has been clear for decades that the current “Third Way” of government interventionism into every facet of our lives is a failure. It has eroded America’s economy, culture, and spirit. It has brought us a country that, by all measures, should have had the sky as the limit. No other nation in recent history has seen such a meteoric rise to superpower or fall to second-rate banana republic, save for the Soviet Union. The truth is, the reasons for both are the same.

Economic ignorance and greed have replaced prudence and production. Intervention and institutionalized moral hazard have destroyed the work ethic. Misguided trust in government has led to bailout after bailout. Along with irrational fear, this foolish trust has led to an increasing police state, the destruction of the Bill of Rights, and an idolatry of the national security state that has never been seen in this country.

We have allowed yes-men in government costumes to rob us of our very identity as Americans. The worst part is, we’ve asked for it. At times, we’ve even applauded it.

But if it wasn’t clear before, it is now: the system is killing us. This “reasonable, middle ground” between freedom and socialism isn’t reasonable at all. We’ve allowed George Orwell’s nightmare to come true.

This only stops when we decide it does. It starts with the realization that the Republican Party doesn’t represent us, and that the Democrats are a lost cause. But it’s more than that. It’s the realization that the real answer isn’t “getting our guys” in power – though that may be a necessary start. It’s the realization that we don’t need tin pot despots to tell us how to live. We’re fully functional adults. We know what we need and don’t need.

It starts now the same way it started over 200 years ago. We do the jobs that need to be done. We don’t allow ourselves to be bossed around, spied on, or ripped off by know-nothing swindlers. We know the answers. We’ve known them for centuries. Government rests on the consent of the governed. If you don’t approve, stop consenting.

The loyal opposition of the Republican Party isn’t cutting it. If the elected leaders aren’t governing as limited-government classical liberals in the vein of our Founding Fathers, then what good are they doing? They’re not offering an alternative. If they’re not doing any good, they need to be replaced.

It’s time to change our tactics. We can’t expect to win by pressuring the current regime in the Republican Party. We must become it. But we first have to change our attitude towards freedom. Stop waiting for the brigands to give it to you. They won’t.

Greg The Democrat

Is the waitress that served you dinner this evening feeding off the productive? What about the maid that cleaned your room this morning? The guy that mows your lawn? Are they unproductive bottom feeders leaching off the productive folks like you? I was a republican from age 28 through 50. Today and for the rest of my life I will vote democrat because people like Dereck are what the republican party represent. Selfish and self serving righteous individuals that have no regard for others. 2014 will give you back a dose of your medicine and this time we will say, "open wide and shut up". This recent fiasco in the House will cost your party dearly. Best wishes to you and your party of heartless friends.

derekellerman's picture
Derek Ellerman

Greg - the productive are those who produce. A waitress produces. As does a maid. As does a landscaper.

And who in the world can afford a maid in the BushObama economy? I can't. I can't afford a place with a lawn, let alone a guy to mow it. While the rest of the economy suffers, 6 of the top 10 richest counties in America are in DC Metro. These are the beneficiaries of tax money.

It's not "selfish" for me to oppose bureaucrats stealing from my mother to give to billionaire contractors.

Also, I'm confused as to what you consider selfish. If it is considered selfish for me to keep that which I earned for whatever use I deem appropriate, is it not selfish for someone who hasn't earned to demand and take by force that which isn't theirs?

Ratix's picture
Charles Atkinson

Greg I'm one of those so-called bottom-feeders you so describe. If it weren't for the "productive" people as you describe being successful and becoming wealthy, they would not be able to consider hiring me, rather they would be forced to pull back on work hours and not hire as many. Because of the overregulation from the left, I'm worried what my job is going to be like next year.
The people that Derrek and FW represents are these worried people who agree that big intrusive government is impeding the lives of everyday Americans, and it needs to end before it destroys what we have and what we have worked for.