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Press Release

Update: A Dozen Candidates Sign Washington State Property Tax Pledge



p>Download a .pdf of the Washington Pledge

One of the most important issues facing the citizens of Washington is that of skyrocketing property taxes. This issue has taken on an even greater urgency since Initiative 747 was ruled unconstitutional by the King County Superior Court in June, 2006. 

Voters overwhelmingly approved Initiative 747 in 2001 with  58 percent of the vote.

I-747 imposed a 1 percent limit on increases for state and local  property tax levies with exemptions for new construction and voter-approved tax levies. This measure has saved taxpayers an estimated 1 billion dollars since approved.

Although the case has been appealed to the Washington State Supreme Court, home and land owners will continue to face budget uncertainty until the outcome is final.  

FreedomWorks believes that needlessly taxing people off their homes and land is a fundamental violation of basic property rights. We support the 1% limit on property tax increases as one effective method of limiting taxation and providing a measure of security to property owners that are in danger of being taxed off their land.

Regardless of the final decision of the Supreme Court, we are asking all candidates for the state legislature to support the will of the people and pledge to restore the 1% limit in the 2007 session of the legislature.

State Senate Candidates

Jerome Delvin (R-8)
Jim Hines (R-26)
Derek Kilmer (D-26)
Renee Mahaer (R-30)
Karen Steele (R-33)

State House Candidates

Bruce Chandeler (R-15)
Kevin Young (R-16)
Jim Buck (R-24)
Dan Roach (R-31)
Randy Neatherlin (R-35)
Kathryn Haigh (D-35)
Pat Sullivan (D-47)
Bret Olson (R-48)

Added Oct. 10th:

Deb Wallace (D-17)
Gary Alexander (R-20)
Yvonne Ward - (D-31)

Senate Tim Sheldon (D-35)

New Signers Added Oct. 17th:

Toby Nixon (R-45)

Barbara Bailey (R-10)
Mike Armstrong (R-12)
Ed Orcutt (R-18)
Wally Nash (R-25)
Sharon Long (R-49)

Update: Oct. 26

Brad Bensen (R-6)
Val Stevens (R-39) - not up for reelection this year
David Baker (R-32)

Tom Campbell (R-2)