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Updated Budget Report Card: Obama's Budget So Bad, It's Illegal

The White House finally released President Obama's budget plan, two months later than required by law (he has ignored the legal deadline for submitting a budget four out of his five years in office).  Predictably, it wasn't exactly worth the wait.

The Obama budget doubled down on all of his previous unserious proposals, actually increasing spending in the short term, while continuing to act upon his rhetoric of soaking the rich.  And once again, it never reaches balance.  Ever.

Under Obama's plan:

  • the total U.S. federal debt would increase to $25 trillion by 2023,
  • next year's spending actually increases by $154 billion,
  • collects over $1 trillion in new taxes from "the rich",
  • does nothing to curb the costs of Medicare and Social Security,
  • and includes a package of stimulus spending on favored programs such as high-speed rail and green energy.

Of course, Senator Rand Paul's budget plan remains the gold standard for those who wish to truly address the size and spending of the federal Leviathan.  Take a look at our newly-updated Budget Report Card to see our final report how this year's major proposals stack up:



stonestone's picture
stone stone

Well.... I hate to break the news to ya', but the "budget" the GOP is suggesting isn't any better, if not worse.


So now we have proof that it does not matter whether the plan is from the "D" of the D&R gang or the "R" of the D&R gang, Americans lose.
The D&R gang does not take seriously the trouble we are in and what even a 1% increase in interest on the federal debt would do to us.
I am most disappointed in Rand Paul because he presented himself as one who would solve problems while his budget does no such thing.
While it is true that 0bama is a monetary mental midget, it is also true that the Republicans are not much better. If you want to make a difference, call your representative and then go down and change your voter registration to Libertarian and if you don't vote, register as a Libertarian anyway so that the D&R gang can plainly see that we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore