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    Urgent Action Needed in Louisiana

    FreedomWorks is teaming up with local tea party and school choice groups to support Governor Jindal’s education reform package.  The package includes vouchers for students in under-performing public schools, performance-based tenure, and tax credits for individuals and businesses to sponsor tuition for the schools that best meets a child’s educational needs.

    On March 14th the House Education Committee will be debating the following three bills:
    •    Rep. Carter’s House Bill 933, which outlines a framework for a single coordinated early childhood education system with accountability for academic outcomes
    •    Rep. Carter’s House Bill 974, which links teacher tenure to performance, makes effectiveness the primary criterion for personnel decisions, and grants authority for hiring and placement of personnel to school superintendents.
    •    Rep. Carter’s House Bill 976, which expands school choice, including the scholarship program, pathways for charter schools, the providers who can offer courses to K12 students, and a “parent trigger” for failing schools.

    These reforms will be vital in improving Louisiana schools, and we need your help to spread the word!
    Some of our elected officials continue to side with the education establishment, despite the evidence that Louisiana schools are failing at an alarming rate.  According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), Louisiana spends just under $12,000 annually per student, yet ranks 49th in educational performance with only 18% proficiency in reading and math. These dismal statistics really make a parent wonder, where are my tax dollars going?   

    Please stand up for children across the state and call these Representatives. Tell them that our children’s future depends on these education reforms, and to stop playing politics with their future.

    Rep. Rob Shadoin (318) 245-1943 Ruston
    Rep. Sherman Mack (985) 507-2687 Livingston
    Rep. Tom Carmody (318) 470-5471 Shreveport
    Rep. Bubba Chaney (318) 334-1672 Rayville
    Rep. Hunter Greene (225) 939-2706 Baton Rouge
    Rep. Valerie Hodges  (225) 620-4100 Denham Springs
    Rep. Chris Leopold (504) 430-4778 Belle Chase
    Rep. Jay Morris (318) 237-3215 Monroe
    Rep. Kevin Pearson (985) 290-3586 Slidell
    Rep. Dee Richard (985) 258-6333 Thibodaux
    Rep. Clif Richardson (225) 274-6537 Baton Rouge
    Rep. Chris Hazel (318) 229-1660 Pineville
    Rep. Joe Harrison (985) 665-9000 Gray
    Rep. John  Schroder (985) 373-4873 Covington
    Rep. Eddie  Lambert  (225) 715-4974 Gonzales

    If you are interested in helping pass these reforms and would like to request materials or host an event please contact FreedomWorks Southeast Regional Director Allen Page at or by phone at 336-213-1167.