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Urgent Action Needed in Mississippi Charter School Fight

Urgent Action Needed for Charter School Legislation in MS

In a turn of unlikely events the Mississippi Senate has passed charter school bill HB1152 a revamp of the failed SB2401 which was killed by the House Education Committee a few weeks back.  HB1152 passed the State Senate by a vote of 31-19 on Wednesday and is being sent to the House today.  Governor Bryant stated that, “I commend the Senate for passing this measure and I look forward to working with House leaders to enact this legislation.”  The move by the Senate is an exciting development in this ongoing battle to bring new educational options to the state through charter schools. 

The vote in the House is expected in next few days. Please ask your Representative to vote to Concur on HB1152. If the House concurs than the bill has passed the legislature and will be headed to the Governor’s desk.

As part of the FreedomWorks mission to expand educational options we have been working with our network of over 12,000 members and other local tea party groups across the state for months on the ground participating in various grassroots activities including; door to door campaigning targeting lawmakers, hosting education meetings, holding rallies, making phone calls, and distributing an online petition.  These activities have paid off.  The pressure from our grassroots activities has led to this historic vote today and we need to make our voices heard.

Take a moment and call your State Representative and demand they do the right things for children and vote to Concur on HB1152.  

Click here to find your Representative and their phone number.

With the ongoing pressure from The Superintendent’s Association and The Parent’s Campaign it is also important that we show up today in Jackson during today’s vote.  I urge you to consider making your voice heard by showing up at the capitol before the vote.  This way your lawmakers know you are holding them accountable and demanding they vote to Concur on HB1152.

Once again, please ask your State Representative to vote to Concur on HB1152 and remember, “School choice is the right choice.”