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Press Release



A great opportunity for health care consumers is coming to Seattle on Saturday, February 25th. As part of the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Congress authorized the Citizens Health Care Working Group to enlist citizens to tell the policymakers in Washington, DC what you like and don’t like about our nation’s health care system. Your opinion matters and needs to be heard.

The meeting is open to the public, but registration is required. Online registration is available at

Health Care that Works for All Americans
Feburary 25th 9:00am - 1:00 pm
Seattle Center Northwest Rooms
305 Harrison Street, Seattle, WA 98109

This is your chance to express support for competitive, free market, health care solutions such as advancing Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and creating a national health care marketplace where consumers can shop for insurance across state lines.

HSAs permit individuals to choose their own doctor, hospital, and treatments and save money for future medical needs. This concept needs to be expanded to federal entitlement programs. Medicare, in particular, needs to be transformed from a one-size-fits-all bureaucracy to one based on ownership and individual control. The result will be a more humane health care system for future retirees, and will yield real budget savings over time.

Rather than limiting consumers to insurance plans that are only available in their states, which may contain benefits they do not want or need, Congress should create a national health care marketplace. This would tear down the barriers to affordable coverage and give individuals the freedom to shop for a health care plan that meets their needs. A marketplace would force states to reexamine the excessive mandates they impose on consumers and it will provide incentives for better health care products.

These ideas will bring immediate relief to America's families and will help millions of uninsured gain access to affordable health coverage. Socialized medicine supporters will be in strong attendence at this Seattle meeting. We need to counter them with a a strong voice for the private market and these viable alternatives to government-run health care.

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