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Video: “Repealing ObamaCare and Restoring a Free Market in Healthcare”

This week, the Center for Freedom and Prosperity released a new video part of their economics 101 video series called “Repealing ObamaCare and Restoring a Free Market in Healthcare.” As the video explains, the current health care system is a costly mess that needs to be reformed by free market solutions. Since excessive government intervention is a key reason for the present deterioration of health care, power-grabbing ObamaCare is likely to make the situation far worse. When it comes to American’s health care needs, one size does not fit all. A truly free market would provide Americans with a great array of health care plans to choose from depending on their individual needs. Please watch the video below to learn the various reasons on why ObamaCare should be repealed and replaced with free market reforms to restore freedom and choice in the health care marketplace.