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VIDEO: Hill Update from Max Pappas - 4/11/2011

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1.       FreedomWorks: We made an announcement encouraging Members to attend the Atlas Shrugged Premiere, and we handed out two documents today: Grading the House Budget Plans and the House Budget Resolution Vote: A Tea Party Primer. See: and

2.       House/Senate/Schedule: The House and Senate will be in session for the next week and then on break for the following two weeks.
3.       Senate/Agenda: The Senate will continue working on the Small Business Innovation Research Bill (SBIR) this week. It is still unclear if amendments to the SBIR will be voted on this week or if Harry Reid will invoke closure on the bill.
The Senate will vote on the FY2011 spending compromise bill on Thursday or Friday, depending on when they receive it from the House. As part of the compromise, the Senate will also have votes on repealing ObamaCare and defunding Plan Parenthood.
After recess, the Senate will likely wrap up the SBIR bill and start working on the Patriot Act.
4.       House/Spending: The FY2011 spending compromise bill will be on the House floor Wednesday. The agreement immediately cuts $38.5 billion in federal spending, cuts hundreds of billions of dollars from the federal budget over the next decade, and guarantees a Senate vote on the repeal of ObamaCare and Plan Parenthood.  The official text of the bill is not expected to be available until late tonight.
5.       House/Budget:  The FY2012 budget resolution (Ryan/Garrett) will be debated on Thursday and Friday of this week. There are several other budget resolutions being offered as substitutes to the Ryan/Garrett budget that will also have votes this week, including the RSC budget, a progressive budget, and the Democrats budget. See the #1 for links to our side-by-side comparison of the different budget proposals.
6.       House/Committees: The Committee on Energy and Commerce will be coming out with a report on H.R.1217: To Repeal the Prevention and Public Health Fund Act. This bill amends the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and repeals the provisions establishing and appropriating funds to the Prevention and Public Health Fund. The estimated savings of this bill is $16 billion over 10 years.
7.       House/Member Initiative: Rep. Schweikert has introduced H.R.1432: the Creating Sunshine, Participation, and Accountability for Our Nation (CSPAN) Act.  The bill would require that all rules addressed by Congress in conjunction with the health care law be issued through the formal rulemaking process.  It would also require that each formal rulemaking process be presided over by a Senate-confirmed official, and that the formal rulemaking processes be opened to television and the media.  
8.       House/Member Initiative: Rep. Campbell is reintroducing the Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Act, which would amend current tax forms to include a line that would allow individuals to voluntarily contribute taxes above their tax obligations.
9.       House/Member Initiative: Rep. Brady and Rep. Ross are introducing H.R.1259: The Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act. They are looking for co-sponsors for this bill.
House/Member Initiative: Rep. Broun is asking for Members to sign on to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) Brief supporting the decision that ObamaCare is unconstitutional. Currently, 26 states have court cases involving this issue.


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