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Vote For Who You Want For RNC Chair

RNC Debate

On December 1st, FreedomWorks was given unique involvement in the RNC chairman selection process. For the first time in history average Americans joined the process of vetting candidates for the position.

Tea Party organizers and real Americans could view and ask questions while watching online. Max Pappas, Vice President of Public Policy and Russ Walker, Vice President of Political and Grassroots Campaigns, fielded questions from thousands of Tea Party organizers.

FreedomWorks and the Republican National Conservative Caucus (RNCC) have provided you an opportunity to influence the selection process. You can now view and share the questions and answers with your friends and neighbors. Please take some time to view the questions, share the video segments and then vote for the person you think most shares the Tea Party ethos.

The Tea Party ethos is defined by a commitment to a set of values including:
A respect for our founding fathers’ views of constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.A commitment to show up to do the hard grassroots work that is necessary to protect our liberty.We are looking for a RNC chairman who shares our ethos and is willing to do the hard work required of the next RNC chairman.

Cast your vote for RNC Chairman here.