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We Don't Riot: Rejecting the Violence of OWS

The Tea Party has been protesting consistently for almost three years now. The number of arrests can be counted on your fingers. No one has been injured. No one has destroyed property.

Let's contrast that with the Occupiers. There have been over 3,500 arrests. They are demanding. They have, essentially, written down things that they want on signs and demanded it from... who? Ultimately, us. From you. The 53% that works and pays taxes.

This is what they fail to realize. The things that the government gives them don't come from the government. It comes from us. From their neighbors, family members. The people that work every day to provide them with their Starbucks, their housing, clothing, and those parks that they have decided to inhabit and destroy. There is no invisible source. It doesn't come from the faceless 1%. It comes from us.

To instigate violent protest to demand free stuff is unconscionable. 

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