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"We the People"


I happen to carry a pocket size copy of the constitution in my purse. It is coffee stained, torn, wrinkled and, has various random telephone numbers and notes written on it. I have carried it with me ever since Obamacare was passed; it is my reminder of the limitations of my federal government, a reminder of their responsibilities. It is also a reminder of how powerful a simple and short document can be. In fact when I happen to thumb through it while waiting for the Metro or my Son’s karate class to end, I am also reminded of how NON powerful words become when there are too many of them; hence the leviathan of the Healthcare Bill passed last year.

Yesterday’s reading of the constitution in the House of Representatives was an important and significant move forward. While not actual execution of policy or legislation, the reading was symbolic in nature and worked as a powerful tool in which to reassure a nervous country that our founding document still matters.

The left called the reading “ritualistic” and a “waste of time”, it is no wonder that they lost the Nov elections; they fundamentally fail to understand the importance of perception and reassurance-or better said real leadership on so many different levels.

The left maintains that our constitution is a “working document”, and they are right. Article V of our constitution allows for the altering of the document by ratification, not by an elected official's interpretation of the constitution. The New York Times even called yesterday’s reading racist in nature. I, for one am inspired when I hear the entire document read, in all of its beauty and all of its disgrace. It reminds me that “We the People” changed and will continue to change the disgraceful parts of us.

Real leadership, is an understanding that a successful organization of any kind, especially a nation must possess a central thing, idea, or message on which to return to, a beacon of light to re orient one’s self to when lost.