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    We Won In Wisconsin



    Over the past month, Wisconsin has been at the center of a national debate about our future: Would we cave to union bosses and special interests or would we side with the taxpayers and a new course towards fiscal sanity?

    FreedomWorks is proud to announce that on March 11, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed into law his Budget Repair Bill restricting the much-abused collective bargaining powers of state employees. Public sector workers will also have to contribute to their health care and retirement packages like the private sector.

    FreedomWorks and local activists in Wisconsin rallied in Madison in support of the Governor and flooded the statehouse with our letters, emails and calls of support.

    At FreedomWorks we believe that as an institution we build by winning and win by building. Well, Wisconsin was a big "WIN". Now we must continue to build, and we build by seeking out new places to reform big government.

    In a few other states like Ohio and Indiana, the fight to reign in bloated state budgets has already begun. If you can, please chip in $25 or more to help us take this fight across America.

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