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Welcome to the (10th Amendment) Revolution


To support legislation intended to nullify any future federal health care mandates, the Virginia Campaign for Liberty has created a website dedicated to the fight for Virginians’ 10th Amendment rights.

From the head of VAC4L, Donna Holt:

A new campaign called the Virginia 10th Amendment Revolution is sweeping the state of Virginia. This movement is targeting the federal government’s over-reaching powers not delegated to it by the states.

Citizen activist groups are banding together to take this revolution to the 2010 legislative session of the Virginia General Assembly. They are calling on legislators to defend states' rights under the 10th amendment with the Virginia Firearms Freedom Act (VFFA) and the Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act (VHFA).

FreedomWorks has joined the coalition at, which is a great place for Virginia voters and activists to keep up with the latest on 10th Amendment initiatives and events.

Similar efforts are being made all over the country, and may finally portend the kind of citizen awakening that will be necessary if Americans are ever to reclaim their constitutional liberties from the grasping claws of a self-righteous federal nanny state.