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    What Should Replace ObamaCare

    So, does FreedomWorks have a plan to REPLACE ObamaCare?

    I'm glad you asked.

    The answer is yes:

    FreedomWorks: Our Favorite Bills to Replace ObamaCare

    FreedomWorks' Health Care Strategy Memos

    Of course, step one to replacing ObamaCare is to REPEAL it.

    That's why we came up with . . .

    Freedomworks' Five-Point Plan to Fully Repeal ObamaCare

    By the way, just to be clear.

    When we say "replace," we mean with FREEDOM, not government.

    Any questions?

    Dean Clancy is FreedomWorks' Legislative Counsel and Vice President, Health Care Policy. He leads our efforts to replace the government takeover of health care with a patient-centered system.

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