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What Tim Scott Means For The GOP

The departure of Jim DeMint from the United States Senate provides the opportunity for the GOP to achieve something it hasn’t done since the 1970s: have a black Republican representative in the Senate.

 After the South Carolina Senator announced that he was embracing a new endeavor in becoming the new President of the conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation, speculation quickly spread among the blogospheres and politicos nationwide about who his replacement would be. The synonymous desire of conservatives seem to be for Tim Scott, Representative for South Carolina's 1st congressional district. 

Al Cardenas, chairman of the American Conservative Union, offered this praise: “On behalf of the American Conservative Union, I urge South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to make history and appoint Representative Tim Scott to the United States Senate. A strong conservative leader, Rep. Scott has an ACU rating of 96 and was elected as one of two members chosen by his colleagues to represent the 85 member Republican freshmen class at the leadership table.”

Cliff Sims, publisher of, the leading conservative blog for Alabama, said the selection of Tim Scott will defeat liberal talking points regarding inclusion. “Scott would drive liberals absolutely insane by undermining their narrative that the GOP is a party of old white men. And as the only black senator from either party, he would immediately become a major figure in American politics.”

GOP fundraiser Barry Wynn reflected on the buzz around Scott. "If you look at his core of support, those who have supported him back to his House days, there is a general feeling of warmth and comfort for Tim Scott. There is a special feeling there."

Scott became the first black Republican representative from the Palmetto State since 1901.

Scott is considered to be a Tea Party darling with his support of fiscal conservatism, such as lower taxes and cutting federal government spending.

The task of choosing who will be the replacement for DeMint is in the hands of South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

While Tim Scott is probably not the only person on her list, it is safe to assume that Haley is aware of the challenges the GOP is facing in messaging to minority communities. While choosing Scott to be Senator of SC by no means guarantees 100% support of minority voters, it is indeed an important step in embracing diversity.

The GOP desperately is in need of a revamping and a total change of structure. It is imperative that they promote their message to all Americans. In order for them to be successful in defeating the liberal mainstream narrative that conservatives do not care about the poor and minorities, the GOP must engage and be pro-active. 

I believe that if Tim Scott becomes the next Senator of SC, it’s a positive step forward for the GOP. However, there will be lots of unfinished business to take care of. There could be a new GOP emerging. We will have to wait and see

Pam Bozio

They could not have picked a better person to replace Jim DeMint than Tim Scott he is hard working and takes representing South Carolina very seriously.