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Why ObamaCare Must Be the Key Issue for Conservatives

Swing State chart

(Source: Kevin A. Kepple, Jerry Mosemak, Denny Gainer, Robert W. Ahrens, and Anne R. Carey, USA TODAY.)

Repealing ObamaCare is still the best path to the presidency for the eventual Republican nominee, as a recent USA TODAY/Gallup poll made clear. A majority of those polled in swing states said: 

- Congress passing ObamaCare was “a bad thing.” 

- ObamaCare would worsen their lives or make no difference. 

- They favor repealing the ObamaCare bill. 

Most telling of all, 76% of those polled in swing states believe that the individual mandate, the lynchpin of ObamaCare, is unconstitutional. The formula is simple: Repeal ObamaCare, get elected.

monty wono

Yes, make it so, because by the time the election comes around it's going to benefit so many people in a positive way that it will be political hari-kari for the repubs to mess with it. And besides, the ordinary folk aren't going to believe the big corps line they are spewing to protect their pockets forever. Freedom works and that's why the people will choose freedom over the terror they live with of huge medical expenses and bandruptcy. Why even the repubs knew it was time to fix it before Obama did it!

Hans Parker

Election is fast approaching and I am sure they will use it to attack each other.


Its a dangerous game Obama plays with our health care. He is a very evil and dangerous man†