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The wind industry has largely been painted as a symbol of hope for a future of clean and sustainable energy. These are lofty and worthy goals, but the fact of the matter is that wind power is all sorts of dirty… dirty politics that is.

More and more studies and evidence are beginning to show that wind power is incredibly inefficient. It distorts the even flow of power grids while only providing a trivial amount of energy. Long story short, wind isn’t able to compete in the private energy market, so they’ve turned their attention to winning favor on Capitol Hill.

The industry currently receives what is called the Production Tax Credit, or PTC. It’s a government mechanism to ease the burden of taxes, which mind you the rest of us have to pay, on wind power producers. What was supposed to help wind power compete has only amounted to a drain on the treasury and distortion of the energy market that has raised the price of conventional energy. Where the industry gains, the consumer loses through higher energy prices and higher taxes.

The wind lobby is fighting hard to protect the PTC from the chopping block. They’ve invested millions of dollars into campaigns to protect the PTC, a move that in-and-of-itself is an indication that subsidizing this industry with billions of taxpayer funds is wrong.

If we are going to end crony capitalism, end corporate favoritism, and loopholes, and fight special interests then there can be no exceptions. We don’t need the government to raise our taxes to pay for an industry that makes our electricity rates go up. The PTC has to end.

Vote here on this online poll to show your support for ELIMINATING subsidies for the wind industry.