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Yes We Can, Burn Our ObamaCare Cards

Enrollment for ObamaCare exchanges begins on October 1st. That's a rather Orwellian spin actually, since those who do not currently have insurance are not “enrolling”- they are being coerced by the government and then possibly fined if they choose not to purchase the very health insurance they most likely cannot afford in the first place. This type of genius logic can only come from the man who originally opposed and mocked the idea of mandatory health insurance.

In the words of President Obama, “let me be clear”...

In a 2008 interview on CNN, then candidate Barack Obama stated “If a mandate was the solution, we could try to solve homelessness by mandating everybody buy a house. The reason they don’t have a house is because they don’t have the money." That’s interesting isn't it? Fast forward to 2013; the very people that don’t have the money to purchase health insurance are the same voters who helped him get elected in 2008; the millenials.  They're also going to be the demographic hardest hit by rising health care costs.  


Everybody knows ObamaCare is dependent on young people paying into the system to subsidize the older, sicker recipients. Without young people enrolling and paying far more than every one else, costs for the elderly would sky rocket and the system would eventually collapse. As Dean Clancy previously stated, “In California, the cost of a basic plan for a 25-year-old male will jump as much as 92 percent, in Ohio as much as 700 percent!”  Let that sink in, 700 percent. 

You can list all types of articles and studies, loaded with statistics, proving how awful ObamaCare is already, but even with all the information and proof in the world, the Left is going to scream from the rooftops that we want people to go without health insurance and essentially let them die. The emotional argument never fails - except this time.

We want people to have access to afforable care, but ObamaCare is failing there too.  Simply having "coverage" does not ensure access. In many cases, ObamaCare takes high deductible, low premium plans, and many HSAs (health savings accounts) out of the market. These are exactly the types of plans that young, healthy people should be purchasing. 

Also, if the idea of ObamaCare is so wonderful, why does Obama need to do something so “un-liberal, if you will, and coerce people into the system? Better yet, why would the government need to spend over a billion dollars to advertise this disaster?  Last and certainly not least, why would the Obama Administration need to exempt some groups from it? If it's so great, people would be lining up to enroll instead of begging for a way out. If the administration can exempt people, why can’t we exempt ourselves? Well, we can, and that’s what we’re going to do.

FreedomWorks is taking things down an unusual path; we’re taking the tactics of the Left and using them to educate people about this terrible law. We're advocating civil disobedience by encouraging young people to “Burn Their ObamaCare Card." This is a symbolic gesture to refuse government coercion by not purchasing health insurance through the exchanges. This doesn’t mean we want students to go without health insurance, we just want their insurance to actually be affordable, and most of all, voluntary. Students can purchase health insurance from a third party, an option that is not only legal, but in most cases, much cheaper.

The most exciting part is that we're taking this message to college campuses. We're partnering with Young Americans for Liberty; the largest pro-liberty organization on college campuses in the country, and the College Republicans. We are encouraging student groups to send us their best video of them burning their cards and simply saying no to government coercion. We also need them to educate their fellow students about ObamaCare.  If you want to help, you can learn more here.

Now, #Burnthecard and follow me, Jeff Scully on twitter. 

Jimmy Kane

Correction... Over TWO billion in advertising at taxpayer expense.
I'm paying the fine. I will lose my house if I pay the tax.

Jonathan Gillispie

Now here's finally somebody singing my tune! No preaching the apocalypse or anything such, proposing a solution aside from defunding which I'm 1200% in favor until otherwise as well. Attack Obamacare through multiple avenues and this should be one of them. Hail liberty FreedomWorks!