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Easton Randall

Easton Randall

Government Affairs Manager

Public Policy

Easton Randall is the Government Affairs Manager at FreedomWorks. He was born and raised in the grand suburb of Alpharetta, Georgia and is as Southern as the day is long (his parents, aunt and grandparents all live on the same street and he loves bow ties).

Easton attended college at American University in Washington, DC and was a member of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. Easton is a recovering Hill and campaign staffer who has been working with FreedomWorks since 2011.

As Government Affairs Manager, Easton’s job is to build and maintain relationships with Congressional offices, outside groups, and FreedomWorks’ membership. He strives to work as translator and diplomat between America and DC.

Easton’s interests include an unhealthy love of University of Georgia football (Go Dawgs), classic cars, and an undying love for country music.