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Deneen Borelli Key Note Speaker NY State Young GOP Dinner

On Saturday night May 16, Deneen Borelli was the keynote speaker at the 2015 New York State Young Republican Biennial Convention dinner.


New Jersey Grassroots Spotlight

During the last weekend in September, Tom and I had a fantastic opportunity to speak at two grassroots activist meetings in New Jersey. 

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Must Watch: ESPN Steven A. Smith Defend Mark Cuban and Promote American Dream

The race tide is turning.

Deneen Borelli Electrifies the Crowd at Free the People in Utah

Deneen Borelli Electrifies the Crowd at Free the People in Utah

FreedomWorks hosted another grassroots training and networking opportunity for over sixteen thousand people. Free The People 2013 was held this past week at the USANA Amphitheater in Salt Lake City, Utah. FreedomWorks described the event as: Under the stars in Salt Lake City, Free the People 2013 is an event celebrating and inspiring the American entrepreneur. An all-star lineup of conservative icons will inspire the crowd to unleash America's innovative spirit, rein in government's meddlesome bureaucracy and restore the American dream.