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Jonathan Gruber's arrogance and hostility completely undermines his already insincere apology

Jonathan Gruber apologized for his "insulting and mean comments" about the intelligence of voters during his opening statement before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The manner in which he conducted himself throughout the hearing, however, brings into question his sincerity. Even his apology came across with a strong degree of arrogance and contempt for the general public.

"The IRS Has a Data Problem"
"No, actually, they just have a lying problem."

The IRS Thinks We’re All Idiots

The government seems to have a data problem. While the NSA has apparently been storing massive amounts of data on innocent Americans deep within its sinister archives, the IRS and the US Census Bureau just can’t seem to keep track of anything. What a difference an acronym makes.

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Selective Racial Outrage: Blacks Target Issa Ignore Rutgers

We have seen this bad race card movie before. The plot is selective outrage based on politics not race.

Looks Like Richard Windsor May Have More Imaginary Friends At EPA

Looks Like Richard Windsor May Have More Imaginary Friends At EPA

Remember Lisa Jackson and her secret email name? It appears that Richard Windsor wasn't alone. I know, you're as shocked as I am that others may have used fake email addresses to avoid FOIA requests.