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Right-To-Work Laws: Facts and Fallacies

In recent years, the topic of unionization and right-to-work laws has been raised as a fairly contentious issue. As state legislatures sought to recoup the costs incurred due to lost revenue following the Great Recession, de-unionization policies, at least at the public sector level, were floated as cost-cutting measures. But nearly as often, right-to-work laws at the private sector level were also explored and implemented, perhaps most infamously in the case of the state of Wisconsin under Governor Scott Walker.

A Follow Up On My Debate With My Liberal Relative

A Follow Up On My Debate With My Liberal Relative

Yesterday, I blogged about the opportunity my liberal relative gave me to explain why those on public assistance should vote for conservatives in the 2012 election (you can see the post here). As you might imagine, this Facebook argument raged on (respectfully so, I must say) for most of the day and deep into the night.A couple of points came up in the discussion that I thought would be instructive to address.