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How You Can Save Your Country

How You Can Save Your Country

Government goes to those who show up, right?  We've learned that we can't go to sleep and expect our nation to survive. Those with a penchant to support overbearing government programs to solve every societal ill never rest. Those of us who want to rein in government spending and fight for individual liberty cannot rest either. To limit government and keep it honest, we can't start at the top. We have to start at the bottom, at the most local level, where the trouble  often starts. The best place to start saving the country is right where you are. Local government controls much of what you and your family does on a daily basis.  Whether it's water rights, local taxes, street signage or the curriculum being taught in your schools, you should have a voice and be involved.  Find your passion and get busy. There are some activities that are easy to start doing that can produce immediate results, and give you a great sense of accomplishment along the way.