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The World Has Seen What Bernie Sanders’ America Would Look Like, and It’s Not Pretty

BY Adam Brandon

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., does not shy away from his socialist roots. Still, I’m sure his campaign is not pleased with the release of newly digitized newspapers and files from his tenure as a leading member of the Liberty Union Party in the 1970s.

New TARP Direction Puts Taxpayers at Risk

New TARP Direction Puts Taxpayers at Risk

The Treasury recently announced that it may not need any more money to bail out banks aside from the $700 billion TARP money that it received already.  There is about $134 billion left of the original amount.  Instead of asking for more money, Treasury may convert the loans that it's made to large banks into common stock.  Common stock provide equity, which could help shore up bank balance sheets, but there are some problems.