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NE Grassroots Upset

Thank you to all the great activists on the ground that worked tirelessly to support Ben Sasse. Together, we made a huge difference and the people of Nebraska now have a true conservative to support in the general election. Take a look at what we were able to do:


Medicaid Expansion Is Obamacare

Obamacare proponents would like you to believe that Medicaid expansion is "free" to the states and "free" to the people who go on the program. But like everything else, it has costs. While the federal government promises to cover most of the cost of the expansion, they've already made 17 trillion other promises.

Urgent Update on Healthcare Reform
Press Release

Urgent Update on Healthcare Reform

I know that you, like us, have been watching the healthcare debate very closely.  If you haven’t already heard, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will be unveiling his $900 billion healthcare plan at the Capitol today, at noon, and plans to bring it to the floor of the Senate over the next several days.