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Growing Guts Cured by Growing Corporate Gluttony?

Deficit spending by the federal government is growing almost as fast as the waistline of average Americans according to recent data. While it is no secret that obesity rates in the country have been on the rise, new information reveals the obesity epidemic is reaching unprecedented proportions. Nearly two-thirds of adults and one-third of children are considered overweight or obese, and that number is projected to rise dramatically in the near future.

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Cut Cronyism and Calories

The only thing growing faster than the government, it seems, is the waistline of the average American. Obesity rates have been on the rise over the past several decades, but are now reaching some incredible heights. Nearly two-thirds of the country are now considered overweight or obese and more than one in twenty are considered extremely obese.

Schools Continue to Bully Our Children

Schools Continue to Bully Our Children

Despite the persistent objections of parents and the lack of medical evidence that there is any value to their efforts, public schools are still sending children home with fat-shaming letters for their parents.  One school in upstate New York is continuing the controversial practice - even letting fellow classmates deliver the letters to their mortified peers.