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CREATES Act Opponents are Direly Wrong

Once in a long while, Congress finds a bipartisan fix for dire issues like prescription drug prices. The CREATES Act is such a solution that would remedy price-hiking loopholes abused by big pharmaceutical companies.

Beware of Strange Bedfellows in Washington

Beware of Strange Bedfellows in Washington

The consumer group Families USA and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) are teaming up in Washington to lobby to increase coverage for Medicaid.  Why would the medical companies support more government intervention in their industry?  Maybe because they did a cost-benefit analysis and concluded that they would make more money with more interventions.  According to Politico, "The upside is that it would help drug companies tap a new market by providing coverage to those who are too poor to buy drugs."  These groups worked together on S-CHIP as well, likely for the same reason.