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Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act

Many states have been discussing ways to pay for road funding. Now, there are two ways to make something affordable. One way is to increase revenue and the other way is to drive down costs. It has been suggested to take a look at replacing the gas tax to be able to afford road funding since the revenue brought in by the gas tax is on the decline while road coasts are increasing.

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Repeal the Gas Tax

Earlier this year, Gov. Eric Holcomb (R-Ind.) signed legislation to raise the state gas tax of Indiana in order to increase road funding. The move had major support from the leadership of the state Republican Party with Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma saying “It’s a program that’s responsive, comprehensive, sustainable, and it’s for the next generation.” It seems interesting then that Gov. Holcomb promised to take Indiana to the “next level” since this seems like a step back.

$15.1M Construction Project Halted for a Single Spider

$15.1M Construction Project Halted for a Single Spider

San Antonio spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation,  Josh Donat has said that a planned $15.1 million highway underpass project begun in April is now “highly unlikely...we’ve been asked to avoid further excavation if we can.” The project, which is currently underway will have to be halted. Why? Because of a spider.