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The Death Knell of Tenure

One of the greatest barriers to education reform, and the symbol of public sector intransigence, is teacher tenure. These statutes make it nearly impossible and incredibly expensive to fire poorly performing teachers. But in a landmark victory for education reform, a California judge ruled that teacher tenure and a slew of other job protection clauses are unconstitutional and should not be enforced by school districts.

"Obama's Student Loan Plan Mirros the Housing Crisis"
"Remember what happened last time government interfered with interest rates?"

Obama's Student Loan Plan Mirrors the Housing Crisis

As I wrote some time ago, the market for student loans is a mess that is rapidly heading for a painful correction. The Obama administration’s misguided quest to provide higher education for all has distorted the cost calculations of college to a devastating degree. Yet, rather than recognize the dangerous bubble he has created, the president is now doubling down—backing a policy dreamed up by Elizabeth Warren to allow the refinancing of student loans en masse at current interest rates, and making up the cost with the “Buffet Rule,” a special provision that would ensure that millionaires pay a minimum income tax rate.

Op-ed Placement

How Education ‘Reform’ Serves Everyone But Our Kids

By Whitney Neal/

"Is the Student Loan Bubble About to Burst?"
"Yes. Yes it is."

Student Loans Are Another Bubble Ready to Burst

If there’s one group of people who are getting a raw deal these days, it’s the young. The unemployment rate among 16- to 19-year-olds is a whopping 19.1 percent, ObamaCare is raising the costs of health insurance for young people by compelling them to subsidize their parents and grandparents, and the current generation of politicians continues to rack up debt that will one day have to be paid for at future generations’ expense.


Education Freedom: An Update

Over the last few weeks, several issues relating to education reform and freedom have made the news ... here is a recap of a few of these items!


Watch Deneen Borelli Discuss 4th Graders Homework on Cheating Dad


Tell Your Members of Congress to Support/Co-Sponsor the LOCAL Level Act, S. 1974.

As one of our more than 6 million FreedomWorks members nationwide, I urge you to contact your representative and your senators today and urge them to support Senator Pat Roberts’ LOCAL (Learning Opportunities Created at the Local) Level Act “to amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) to prohibit Federal education mandates, and for other purposes,” and to co-sponsor the bill if they have not already done so.

"President Obama's War on Students"
"Americans are being misled by leaders like President Obama who want them to believe that becoming debtors to the federal government will make them successful. With no jobs and an overabundance of students who all have the same degrees, Obama\u2019s suggested path will do little more than keep Americans broke and unemployed."

The War on Students?

“Higher education is still the best ticket to upward mobility in America,” President Obama said last year. “And if we don’t do something about keeping it within reach, it will create problems for economic mobility for generations to come.”


Incumbent Dems Push Universal Pre-K

Having already saddled college students with mountains of debt and ensuring that they will be unable to find jobs when they finally do graduate, the Obama administration has turned its attention towards the pre-kindergarten crowd. In his FY 2015 budget the president requested $750 million to expand the federal government’s role in preschool provision for the nation’s youngsters. This effort is right in line with what Democratic Senators have been trying to accomplish through legislation.