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Blog Hit

Guess Which Loyal Obama Voter Block Will Be Punished the Most By EPA’s Climate Change Regulations

Answer = Black Americans


The EPA Strikes Again

In a drastic overreach of executive power, the EPA has proposed yet another enormous and dreadful set of new regulations.

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Blog Hit

Obama Shamelessly Exploits Children to Promote His Climate Change Agenda

In a classic left-wing ploy, President Obama dealt the child health card during his weekly radio address from the Children’s National Medical Center to promote his new EPA rules targeting coal-fired power plants.

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Op-ed Placement

Obama’s Climate-Change Blitz: The President Hopes to Get Democrats Off The Hot Seat

What President Obama lacks in sound public policy, he certainly makes up for with his effective use of propaganda. By using the power of the bully pulpit, coupled with actions by the executive branch, Mr. Obama has been generating news that will continue to force climate change into the public square in the coming weeks.

"" wages war on coal_0.jpg?itok=hTDhgp03
Blog Hit

How Many Coal Bankruptcies Will Result From Obama’s War on Coal?

It’s no secret that coal company stocks are taking a beating from President Obama’s war on coal.

"" county coal photo 5.24.31-PM-300x180.png?itok=5PzvPL4H
Blog Hit

Wyoming Gov Mead Exposes EPA Lie About New Power Plant Rule

In a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead criticized the agency’s proposed regulation of greenhouse gas emissions for new power plants.

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Blog Hit

EPA Gone Wild – Paid Employee that Watched Porn and Others That Didn’t Work

Another day and more scandals at the EPA.

"" climate assessment-630x350.jpg?itok=38qRV443
Blog Hit

White House Climate Study is About Changing the Debate Not the Environment

Desperation reigns at the White House.


Coalition Letter: Conservatives Oppose the Shaheen-Portman Energy Bill, S. 2262

FreedomWorks has signed onto the following coalition letter, written by Heritage Action. A printable .pdf of this letter is attached below.

"" sign_0.png?itok=9lEEiuEk
Blog Hit

Government Gone Wild – EPA Gave $481,819 in Unauthorized Bonuses

Government abuse of taxpayers continues.