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"ObamaCare Penalizes the People It Claims to Help"
"The CBO says one million low-income Americans will have to pay penalties."

ObamaCare Penalizes the People It Claims to Help

Remember how ObamaCare was going to make health care affordable and accessible for everyone? Remember how we were told we had to vote for a government takeover of one sixth of the American economy to level the playing field and make things fair for the nation’s poor? Remember how the rich had to be forced to pay their fair share for the common good?

"The FDA Is Trying to Ruin the Mobile App Market"
"By regulating health care apps out of existence."

The FDA Is Trying to Ruin the Mobile App Market

In most basic economics textbooks, which, for all their faults, mostly recognize the virtue of free markets, the only rationale given for government intervention in the economy is a so-called “market failure,” a situation where no efficient outcome can be reached purely through voluntary exchange.


State Governments Surprised by Entirely Unsurprising Medicaid Bills

One of the key features of Obama’s health insurance law was the blanket expansion of Medicaid eligibility across the states. Not only would this advance the law’s stated goal of universal coverage, but it would also fulfill the secondary objectives of increasing dependence on government and expanding federal spending.

FreedomWorks @FreedomWorks
Meddling #IRS Releases Another #ObamaCare Patch

Obama Administration Flailing in Attempt to Hide ObamaCare's Impact

Democrats are watching with increasing concern as the reality of ObamaCare’s implementation and the 2014 midterm elections are looking increasingly like a toxic combination for them. Fortunately for vulnerable Dems, the Obama Administration is doing absolutely everything it can – whether by regulation or by executive fiat – to mitigate or delay the inevitable consequences of ObamaCare.

"My Obamacare story. Why we need #FullRepeal! "

My Obamacare story. Why we need #FullRepeal!

I have asthma. Asthma is a chronic yet easily managed disease. I have been taking the same medications for years to control my symptoms. I have not needed to see a pulmonologist (asthma doctor) for the past several years. I saw one recently, primarily because my health insurance company is not covering my medications any longer. These are medications they saw fit to cover last year and the year before and the year before that.


Meddling IRS Releases Another ObamaCare Patch

After a report last week that rising insurance premiums would drive employers to dump 90 percent of workers’ health care plans by 2020, the IRS went into damage control mode using its preferred course of action: executive fiat.

"Employers to Dump 90% of Health Care Plans"
"Thanks, ObamaCare!"

Employers to Dump 90% of Health Care Plans: Thanks, ObamaCare!

There are many problems with the employer-provided health insurance model. It was first implemented as a way to get around FDR’s wage controls during the Great Depression, and by all rights should never have existed in the first place. Tying health insurance to employment. instead of a system that favors individual plans purchased by individuals. is awkward, inefficient, and in many cases unjust.


The "Keep Your Doctor" Lie Gets Even Worse

During his initial pitch for health care reform, President Obama promised Americans they could keep their health care plan, that they could keep their doctor.


Blue States Singing the Obamacare Blues

States that helped carry President Obama to victory in 2012, are now suffering at the hands of his signature legislation. Democrats hoping to avoid the repercussions of Obamacare are going to have a difficult time explaining away its failures in their own friendly states. Republicans are referring to it as the Blue State Obamacare Blues, with Colorado, Hawaii, Washington D.C., Oregon, Maryland, and Massachusetts all suffering varying degrees of embarrassment.