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Jackie Bodnar

Jackie Bodnar

Director of Communications


Jackie Bodnar is the Director of Communications at FreedomWorks, tasked with writing press releases, leading outreach efforts to all print and broadcast media outlets, scheduling staff media appearances, as well as crafting the organization’s messaging points for all issue positions and breaking news.

A proud New Jersey native, Jackie joined the FreedomWorks team as a 2008 Summer Intern and was invited back as a Press Assistant two years later. She graduated from Bucknell University in 2009 with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in History, and immediately deactivated her Facebook account. She still holds fond memories of agitating students and professors as a contributing writer for the school’s official newspaper, The Bucknellian, along with the award-winning conservative publication, The Counterweight.

In the rare event that Jackie’s not at work, she can usually be found listening to Bob Dylan somewhere with friends that love freedom, or nerding out at home with her cat Pinot and her righteous water turtles, Sonic and Tails.