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Judicial Reform

The judicial branch of government has overstepped its bounds and increasingly ignores the precepts of common law.

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Know the legal system and its impact on the economy.

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Top Ten Reasons to Repeal IPAB Health Rationing Board

  Top Ten Reasons to Repeal Obama’s IPAB


Let’s Repeal the IPAB “Death Panel”

75% of Americans believe that the ObamaCare individual mandate which requires everyone to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. However, there are equally unconstitutional provisions in the ObamaCare law that are garnering less attention. Perhaps the most dangerous of the lot is the Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB.


Stop the TSA’s Assault on Freedom

The backlash over the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) new invasive procedures has transcended left vs. right politics. Under the banner of security, American citizens are being subjected to virtual strip searches or intrusive full contact pat downs from armed government bureaucrats. These policies do more to humiliate us and pad the pockets of lobbyists than actually keep us safe.