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Logan Albright

Logan Albright

Research Analyst

Logan Albright is the Research Analyst at FreedomWorks, and is responsible for producing a wide variety of written content for print and the web, as well as conducting research for staff media appearances and special projects. After joining the FreedomWorks family as an intern in 2013, he was asked to stay on full-time and has never been happier.

He received his Master’s degree in economics from Georgia State University in 2011, before promptly setting out for D.C. to fight for liberty. He is a firm believer in the Austrian School of economics and the rights of individuals to live their lives as they see fit without government interference.

He first discovered the ideas of liberty during his time at Oberlin College, where his contrarian nature drove him into countless hours of heated debate with obnoxious undergraduates at this bastion of progressive thought.

Logan occasionally takes time out from his busy schedule of railing against the evils of government to play the part of musician, amateur novelist, and moustache enthusiast.