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    Texas Public Policy Foundation Report Finds Gross Inaccuracies in Science Textbooks for Texas Middle Schools

    on 9/5/01.

    The following was issued today by the Texas Public Policy Foundation:

    Joint Press Conference:
    Thursday, September 6, 2001 @ 12:30 p.m.
    Texas Education Agency, First Floor Lobby
    William B. Travis Building
    1801 North Congress Avenue,
    Austin, Texas

    As the Texas Education Agency and State Board of Education consider the adoption of science textbooks for middle schools, the Texas Public Policy Foundation will release a report examining the accuracy of environmental education in science textbooks. Chris Patterson, Director of Education Research, and Duggan Flanakin, TPPF Senior Fellow and publisher of EI News will release the report at the press conference. They will be joined by representatives from Citizens for a Sound Economy whose members are turning out in force to protest the textbook content.
    Problems found with textbooks for grades 6, 7 and 8 include inaccurate facts and omissions of key scientific information. These problems offer compelling reason for the Board to ask publishers for revisions before approving their use in public schools.
    Example of inaccuracy follows:

    Alleged Annual Rainforest Destruction as Described in Textbooks

    PUBLISHER (or other source) DESTRUCTION (ACRES)

    Glencoe 75 million
    Holt 32 million
    Prentice Hall 15 million
    NASA 7.5 million

    Contact: Jeff Judson, President & CEO
    (210) 614-0080 or
    Chris Patterson, Director of Education Research
    (210) 410-3985


    SOURCE Texas Public Policy Foundation

    CONTACT: Jeff Judson, President & CEO, +1-210-614-0080, or Chris Patterson, Director of Education Research, +1-210-410-3985, both of Texas Public Policy Foundation