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Tort reform works

by PEGGY VENABLE on 9/13/01.

Ken Hoagland's Aug. 31 column about the Firestone tragedy was right on
target: tort reform has proven to be a boon, not a bust, for all Texans ("Tort reform won't stop Firestone lawsuits") .

A recent study conducted for Citizens for a Sound Economy by Ray Perryman reveals the success and benefits of 1995 tort reforms. The study estimates that because of tort reform, annual personal income has increased by more than $7 billion, retail sales have grown by almost $3 billion and 197,000 permanent jobs have been created.

And despite the claims of trial lawyers that citizens are being denied access to the courts, tort reform has cleared many questionable cases from court dockets.

Texas consumers are clear winners with tort reform. But you'll never hear these facts from the trial lawyers who are exploiting the Firestone tragedy for their own gain.


Director, Texas CSE