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Press Release

CSE announces 2000 Jefferson Award winners


Reps. Aderholt, Bachus, Callahan, Everett, and Sen. Sessions among award recipients

MONTGOMERY—Citizens for a Sound Economy has released the names of the 2000 Jefferson Award winners. Reps. Aderholt, Bachus, Callahan, Everett, and Sen. Sessions are among the recipients of the CSE legislative awards for the 106th Congress.

"The Jefferson Award recognizes members of Congress for supporting CSE's efforts in fighting for less government, lower taxes and more freedom," said Alabama CSE Director Toby Roth. "Alabama CSE would like to thank our winners for their continued support of the free market system."

Over the past two years, CSE has key voted a number of votes, tracking how our representatives and senators voted on issues including tax & budget, tort reform, environment, health, labor & education, and technology.

To see who in the 106th Congress won a CSE Jefferson Award, go to: