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Press Release

Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Pelosi

On January 7th, 2003, the new 108th Congress will organize itself, and the House of Representatives will select a Speaker of the House.

The vote for Speaker is a public roll call vote. Most, if not all, Republicans will choose Dennis Hastert (R-IL). Similarly, the majority of House Democrats have signaled they will vote for their new leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), for Speaker.

That’s unfortunate, because Nancy Pelosi is a poor choice. Her CSE Economic Scorecard vote in the 107th Congress was 0%, the worst possible score. That means on twenty key bills, Nancy Pelosi voted every single time against tax relief, economic growth, more jobs, and greater competition.

Because of Rep. Pelosi’s extreme record, some mainstream Democrats may vote “Present” on January 7th.

That's why Citizens for a Sound Economy is launching the CSE “Not Pelosi” campaign. If Nancy Pelosi wants to take radical positions, that is her own business, but she shouldn't lead other Democrats down the same path to economic and political oblivion.

CSE is targeting 14 mainstream Democrats with a grassroots campaign to encourage them to vote “Present” on January 7th. Citizens can contact these Members through the new campaign website:

Mainstream and moderate Democrats have a voice on January 7th. Voting for Nancy Pelosi and her outdated program is a bad vote for reasonable Democrats.

Moderate Democrats targeted in the CSE Not Pelosi campaign:

Marion Berry (AR)

Sanford Bishop (GA)

Leonard Boswell (IA)

Brad Carson (OK)

Bud Cramer (AL)

Harold Ford, Jr. (TN)

Ralph Hall (TX)

Chris John (LA)

Ken Lucas (KY)

Mike McIntyre (NC)

Collin Peterson (MN)

Max Sandlin (TX)

Charlie Stenholm (TX)

Gene Taylor (MS)