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Rally With Governor Schwarzenegger


We’re making our final push to stop shakedown lawsuits! Join our final push to stop shakedown lawsuits with Proposition 64.

Governor Schwarzenegger is rallying pro-freedom activists to get out the vote for Proposition 64, a common-sense measure to curb lawsuit abuse. Californians can vote for the measure on Election Day, November 2nd.

Citizen activists like you gathered enough signatures to put Proposition 64 on the ballot. The measure will close the loophole that lets trial lawyers file shakedown lawsuits and demand attorneys' fees from California businesses— even though no law has been broken, no one has been injured, damaged, or misled, and no consumer or other business has asked a lawyer to file a lawsuit!

Right now, lawyers can file suits on behalf of the people of California without a single client. These abusive shakedown lawsuits are used to extort millions in settlements from innocent small businesses, who choose to settle outside of court instead of facing long and costly legal battles. These costs are ultimately paid by Californians in the form of higher prices and lost jobs.

If passed, Proposition 64 limits junk litigation by forcing lawyers in California to seek certification in court for class action lawsuits. Every other state requires lawyers to get certification before they file a class action lawsuit— California should be no different. Proposition 64 would help California’s economy recover and bring jobs back into the state.

The trial lawyers are fighting this measure tooth and nail. Using the spoils from frivolous lawsuits, they have launched a massive campaign to mislead the public. In fact, their powerful lobby has defeated even the most modest legal reforms in the state legislature.

But with your help, we can debunk the trial lawyers’ myths. Rally with Governor Schwarzenegger and stop crooked attorneys from gaming the system!

12:00 PM Saturday, October 30
Del Mar
(Del Mar Fairgrounds: Main Entrance, Head left to O'Brien Gate, Enter Activity Center)

1:00 PM Sunday, October 31
(Alameda County Fairgrounds: Park Gate 8, Enter Exhibition Hall)

If you have any questions, please email or call 916-648-1222 x3020.