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Press Release

Florida FreedomWorks Day at the Capitol Will Be March 15-16


Save the Date!

Florida FreedomWorks is having our annual "Day at the Capitol" March 15-16 in Tallahassee.

As a member of Florida FreedomWorks you have you have an unique opportunity to take part in this exciting event. During your time at the capitol, you will be able to lobby legislators face-to-face, weighing in on critical legislation. This year's Day at the Capitol is especially important as many critical issues facing Florida will be on the 2005 legislative agenda. Such issues as tax cuts, budget controls, education as well as crucial tort reform measures will be voted on this session. We will have an opportunity to be briefed by key policy-makers on all the critical issues that will have the biggest affect on Florida taxpayers.

Don't miss this opportunity to have your voices heard. For more information and to sign up call Florida State Director John Hallman at 561-392-4432 or e-mail at