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Press Release

Wisconsin Congressional Candidate Debates This Week!


This Wednesday and Thursday John Gard and Steve Kagen will debate the issues facing the citizens of Wisconsin’s 8th congressional district. National pundits have zeroed in on this particular race as one of the most contentious and important races for both Democrats and Republicans.

  Thanks in large part to the tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003, the American economy continues to grow, producing well-paying jobs and economic security for nearly every American.  And as the election looms in just two weeks, it is important for you to demand answers from congressional candidates. Will they support our continued economic growth or will they stifle it by imposing burdensome regulations and new taxes on working Americans?   Additionally, every year Americans spend millions of dollars and millions of hours just to comply with the labyrinthine tax code. We need leaders in Congress who will support fundamental tax reform to scrap the tax code and replace it with a system that is simple, honest, fair, and flat.   We need leaders in Congress who are committed to keeping the cost of health care in check. We need representatives who will support medical malpractice reform that will stop the fleecing of doctors, businesses, and consumers.   As voters, we need to demand answers from those who seek to represent us in Congress.   Please plan on attending one of the debates this week.

Wednesday, October 25th
Kimberly High School
W2662 Kennedy Avenue
Live on WHBY 1150AM Radio

Thursday, October 26th
UW Green Bay
Phoenix Rooms, University Union
2420 Nicolet Drive
Green Bay   If you have any questions, please contact FreedomWorks Wisconsin state director Cameron Sholty at 414-899-9112 or e-mail him at