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Press Release

Justice Resnick's Impartiality Questioned


An editorial published in August 18th’s Columbus Dispatch questions sitting Ohio Supreme Court Justice Alice Robie Resnick’s future impartiality on the DeRolph case. The author cited Justice Resnick’s attendance at the dedication of the new Vinton County High School where she shared the stage with William L. Phillis, the lead plaintiffs’ attorney in the DeRolph case, as a point of concern and a disservice to the high court’s Code of Judicial Conduct. The author notes that Justice Resnick was quick to accuse Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer of violating the code when he advocated the election of Judge Terrence O’Donnell, Resnick’s opponent in the supreme court race, to a meeting of the Ohio Republican Party.

Click on the following icon for the details of the August 18th editorial entitled, “Resnick’s lapse: Vinton County appearance ill-considered.”