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What Do Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick's (D-AZ) Constituents Think About Health Care Vote?


Over 250,000 people have signed our petition against both the health care bill and against the damage being done to our democracy by House leadership to pass their trillion dollar health care bill (Have you? Have your friends?).

Over 90,000 have left comments. Below is a sample of 10 from Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick’s district. Will she listen? You can call one of her offices and ask them yourself: Washington DC 202-225-2315, Flagstaff (928)-226-6914, Casa Grande (520)-836-3226, Prescott (928)-445-3434.

Constituent Comments from


“Throw Obamacare OUT and start over! No reconciliation.”

-Deborah B., Arizona City, AZ



-Sue H., Eloy, AZ



-James M., Red Rock, AZ


“NO, NO, NO…”

-Ronald B., Wickenberg, AZ


“No government health care!”

-Timothy D., Casa Grande, AZ


“We cannot afford this.”

-Jim N., Coolidge, AZ


“Stop the corruption.”

-Cheri N., Coolidge, AZ


“We’re watching who does what.”

-Melody P., Eloy, AZ


“Where is the vote for what the majority want? Why are you ignoring it? You are not above the laws and the Constitution put in place a long time ago.”

-Kari B., Arizona City, AZ


“NO on this health care bill.”

-Tom M., Casa Grande, AZ