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FreedomWorks Media Roundup: April 5th – 25th, 2013

GOP needs to open its ears

In private enterprise, a business fails when it ceases to meet the demands of the consumer. Senior management, out-of-touch and complacent, loses the vision that made the start-up a success in the first place. The sales pitch and cash flow replace innovation and product quality. And when the stale product ceases to create value for its customers, buyers look elsewhere or simply stay home.

This story should sound familiar to the "senior management" of the Grand Old Party, who asked a group of their peers to produce a report --"The Growth and Opportunity Project" -- to explain the underperformance of the GOP product line in 2012. But the RNC report audited everything surrounding the Republican agenda -- except the product itself. – Matt Kibbe, April 6, 2013, Read More

World of NewsNinja2012Kristina Ribali of Freedomworks and Scottie Hughes from Tea Party News Network join Wayne and Stacy Show

On Wednesday night, you can say that I hit the jackpot with these beautiful talented conservative ladies. Both are making their names in the conservative world and really hitting their mark. Kristina Ribali works with Freedomworks and has been a major player in the upcoming BlogCon2013 being held in Dallas, TX in May while Scottie Hughes has been seen on FoxNews, CNN and other stations carrying the conservative banner with precise and specific clarification of her beliefs and principles. – Staff Writer, April 6, 2013, Read More

Kibbe: Republican Party's Business Model No Longer Works

The Republican Party needs to “revisit their business model” before it can gain voters' faith again, asserted Matt Kibbe in a USA Today opinion piece published Sunday. Kibbe, a leader in the tea party movement and president of Freedom Works, writes that a business fails when it stops meeting its constomer demands. The Republican Party, he said, has “let the salesmen take control of the company,” and Americans are no longer buying into the party's message.

Instead, the GOP needs to re-visit its “business model, once built on the core values of individual freedom, economic opportunity for all, and constitutionally-limited government,” Kibbe explained. Meanwhile, he said, the GOP's “Growth and Opportunity Project,” a 100-page report that explains how the party underperformed in the last election, “audited everything surrounding the Republican agenda — except the product itself.”
 - Matt Kibbe, April 7, 2013, Read More

FreedomWorks and Young Americans For Liberty Hold State Convention in Auburn

FreedomWorks is partnering with state and national organizations to bring one-day campus events designed to build stronger state networks, advance their activists' knowledge and skills, and inspire attendees to greater activism.

In the Freedomworks written statement the group said, “Our goal is to introduce you to the same top-notch
training and networking opportunities made available at our exclusive annual National Convention in Washington, D.C. You will discover new ideas, connect with local leaders, and just have a good time advancing the youth movement for liberty. We'll also bring exciting keynote speakers—the top names of the liberty movement.” – Brandon Moseley, April 8, 2013, Read More

Conservatives Urge RNC to Reverse ‘Power Grab’

More than 60 conservative leaders urged the Republican National Committee to undo party rules made last year at the national convention, charging the action was a power grab by the party elite at the expense of the grassroots. Julie Borowski, policy analyst at FreedomWorks, told Newsmax that the RNC “used dirty tactics to pass a number of shameful rules changes at the Tampa convention.”

“All of these rules were designed to shut millions of grassroots activists out of the party process. We encourage the RNC to realize its past mistakes and reverse the power grab as soon as possible,” said Borowski. “The Republican Party should be a big tent that empowers delegates to choose the party’s nominee — not insiders in Washington.”
– David Yonkman, April 8, 2013, Read More

RNC Rules Fight is a Defining Moment for the GOP

This week, the Republican National Committee (RNC) will hold its spring meeting in Los Angeles in what could be a defining moment for the party. Many committee members are looking to overturn rules that were adopted at last year’s Republican National Convention which disenfranchised many grassroots delegates.

Back in August, Dean Clancy of FreedomWorks explained the rule changes at length, noting the profound affect they have on the process by “shift[ing] power from the state parties and the grassroots to the RNC and the GOP presidential nominee.” There were two specific changes — Rule 12 and Rule 16 — pushed by Ben Ginsberg at the behest of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. – Jason Pye, April 10, 2013, Read More

Rand’s Real Reachout

The recent RNC autopsy confirmed the Republican brand is in bad shape. This “Grand Old Party” has emphasized neither the former nor the latter. Instead, they’ve underscored the “Old.” Consensus is, they’re outmoded, out-of-touch, aging white guys.

In the immediate aftermath of November’s disappointment, GOP pollster Resurgent Republic stated the obvious: “Republicans have run out of persuadable white voters.” Eighty-eight percent of Mitt Romney’s supporters were white. At that point, you’re either unable to communicate your values, unwilling to extend the olive branch, or content to campaign in monochrome. The Left was happy to provide all the duplicitous scare tactics and rhetorical ordnance needed to hammer this position into America’s collective conscience. – Reid Smith, April 11, 2013, Read More

To reinvigorate Republican Party, tea party takes page from Occupy

A dozen House lawmakers and Sen. Mike Lee (R) of Utah – backed by swarms of activists affiliated with the group FreedomWorks – are offering up a package of about a dozen proposals on Monday that are the tea party’s contribution to how the party should go forward.

While the Republican Party proposed a host of structural and strategic changes in its Growth and Opportunity report, the party committees don’t do policy. Instead, it’s up to lawmakers and energetic outside groups like FreedomWorks to fill the void. – David Grant, April 15, 2013, Read More

Chatting with Dean Clancy on the “New Fair Deal”

On Friday, I sat down with Dean Clancy, Vice President for Public Policy at FreedomWorks, to discuss the four pillars of the New Fair Deal and the legislation that will be introduced by the team of House members who are working together to try to get the dozen bills that will be introduced to the floor for a vote.

“The New Fair Deal is a suite of legislation to try to reform and improve our country,” Clancy told United Liberty. “This is not just a ‘Tax Day’ protest — this is a positive reform agenda rally. And we do have folks getting on buses from all over the country and coming to it.” – Jason Pye, April 15, 2013, Read More

FreedomWorks Blasts GOP Convention Rules Decision

FreedomWorks plans to deliver a scathing letter to Republican National Committee headquarters on Monday over rules adopted last week at a meeting in Hollywood, Calif. Grass-roots activists forced a rules change at the RNC’s spring meeting on Friday that allows delegates at the national GOP convention to keep their status even if they switch their preference from the candidate they were selected to support during a primary or caucus.

“The language may protect delegates from being stripped of their titles for switching support to another candidate, but it still restricts them from changing their vote at the convention,” says an advance copy of the letter provided to Newsmax. “If you have to make up your mind and cast your vote of support before you even step on the convention floor, then why have a convention at all?” – David Yonkman, April 15, 2013, Read More

On Tax Day, A Moral Argument In Favor Of Tax Reform

There’s a game being played in Washington behind closed doors, and it’s rigged for insiders to win at the expense of you, the taxpayer.

While Americans spend billions of hours each year working to comply with tax requirements, insiders sit back and enjoy the special benefits that political deal-making has awarded them. They use the complexity of the current tax code as a competitive advantage, hiring expensive lawyers and lobbyists to dupe the system and leave the Average Joe taxpayer to foot the bill of big government. – Matt Kibbe, April 15, 2013, Read More

Tea party looks to Occupy for ways to rejuvenate GOP

If Republicans are going to bounce back in 2014, the tea party thinks it has the answer: the New Fair Deal. A dozen House lawmakers and Sen. Mike Lee (R) of Utah – backed by swarms of activists affiliated with the group FreedomWorks – are offering up a package of about a dozen proposals on Monday that are the tea party’s contribution to how the party should go forward.

While the Republican Party proposed a host of structural and strategic changes in its Growth and Opportunity report, the party committees don’t do policy. Instead, it’s up to lawmakers and energetic outside groups like FreedomWorks to fill the void. “The thing that’s been missing is a reform agenda that excites people and gets them in the streets, that they believe can happen,” says Dean Clancy, vice president for public policy at FreedomWorks and a chief organizer of the New Fair Deal package. “What can we do to help the guys that we helped get elected in 2010 actually restore credibility for this movement.” – David Grant, April 16, 2013, Read More

Activists Protest RNC Rules Change

Conservative activists protested the Republican National Committee Monday for approving rules guiding the presidential primary process. Forty protestors with FreedomWorks, a conservative campaign organization, waited outside the RNC’s doors for an hour as security guards denied entry.

Jacqueline Bodnar, a media coordinator for FreedomWorks, was eventually allowed to enter the building. She carried a stack of paper she said contained the signatures of 12,000 activists. After 20 minutes inside the building, Bodnar emerged from the RNC lobby and told the crowd that they had been asked to come back with an appointment. – Julie Ershadi, April 16, 2013, Read More

Grassroots Activists Turned Away at the RNC

Just days after the Republican National Committee (RNC) rejected most proposed rules changes that would undo the power grab from last year’s convention, a number of grassroots activists stopped by to express their disappointment with party leaders and let them know that they would not give up the fight.

Shortly after 10am, around 50 activists (pictured above) showed up at RNC headquarters in Washington, DC to present a representative from the party with a open letter to Chairman Reince Priebus that hit at the heart of grassroots’ frustration with the party.

“As grassroots fiscally conservative activists from states across the country, we are stopping by the RNC Headquarters in Washington today to express our disappointment in the Party’s continuing marginalization of the individuals who are driving the only credible ground game to combat the progressive liberal political machine,” read the activist-signed letter to Priebus. “After reading the 100-page Growth and Opportunity Project, we had a glimmer of hope that the Republican Party was going to make a sincere effort to make the Party process more bottom-up and transparent in structure.” – Jason Pye, April 16, 2013, Read More

Is the GOP ‘Out of Touch?’

So if the Republican party, associated with social conservatism and small government are “out of touch,” what exactly would “in touch” look like? A dozen House lawmakers and Sen. Mike Lee (R) of Utah – backed by swarms of activists affiliated with the group FreedomWorks – are offering up a package of about a dozen proposals on that they’re calling The New Fair Deal.

The New Fair Deal is a reform agenda consisting of about a dozen bills promoting four pillars: end corporate handouts, tax fairly, stop overspending, and empower individuals. It includes a flat tax system, cuts in subsidies, as well as a conservative alternative to Obamacare. Eleven House Republicans are attached as writers to the agenda, and FreedomWorks encourages supporters to call their Congressman to become a cosponsor. – Christopher Santarelli, April 18, 2013, Read More

Uncle Sam Doesn't Believe in Online Privacy

Recent statements from the IRS about accessing email and online communications of citizens raised more than a few eyebrows. While the IRS has promised to rewrite its email search policy, government access to private online communications remains a real concern. Many assume their online privacy is afforded the same protections as their real world privacy, but they are mistaken. Many of our laws lag terribly behind the technologies that govern our lives.

The U.S. Constitution, the document that we usually turn to when seeking protections from government intrusions, is problematic when it comes to privacy, because privacy is never directly addressed. Individuals are assumed to enjoy a sphere of privacy, but the question of the size of that sphere has spawned volumes of law review articles and legal decisions. However, we do know that the 4th Amendment to the Constitution protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure, and requires government officials to produce a warrant prior to a search. This check against government should apply uniformly to all our activities, whether in the real world or in cyberspace. – Wayne Brough, April 19, 2013, Read More

Upcoming Obamacare Vote Could Haunt House Democrats

House Democrats will be forced to vote this week on a bill that diverts money from an Obamacare program derided by critics as a “slush fund” in order to help Americans with pre-existing conditions.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced earlier this year that it would phase out a temporary program for enrolling people with pre-existing conditions in stop-gap insurance plans. The program is designed to insure them until state-based health insurance exchanges go online in 2014.

FreedomWorks, a grass-roots limited-government group, has indicated its support for the measure.“Cannibalizing Obamacare implementation to help sick people? What’s not to like?” Dean Clancy, vice president for public policy with FreedomWorks, told Newsmax. Clancy said the Prevention and Public Health Fund existed before its use as a marketing tool for Obamacare and has been a source of money for local community projects of all kinds. – David Yonkman, April 22, 2013, Read More

A New Tax That Could Send Shoppers Back to the Mall

Your Internet shopping addiction could soon face a new tax. The Senate appears ready to ease the restrictions on how states can charge sales tax. Under current federal law, online retailers only collect the tax when they have a physical presence—a store, warehouse or office—inside your state. In a new bill expected on Monday to clear a procedural Senate vote, all online sales would be subject to state sales taxes.

But Internet start-ups and aggressive resellers on eBay and Amazon could be caught in the bureaucratic nightmare of having to comply with dozens of state tax agencies. That’s a concern for opponents of the bill, including anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist and the Tea Party-affiliated FreedomWorks. – Josh Boak, April 22, 2013, Read More

End the Obamacare Slush Fund

As Dean Clancy wrote last week at FreedomWorks, the House today will take up the Helping Sick Americans Now Act (H.R.1549). The bill cuts a slush fund and uses the money to subsidize insurance for the sickest Americans. Congress should pass it.

Contrary to various claims, this bill neither cripples Obamacare implementation nor fixes Obamacare. It merely forces the Obamacare train wreck to get by on its own, without spending taxpayer (or deficit) money to push administration policies. – Loren Heal, April 24, 2013, Read More

The GOP’s Worst Enemy

After RNC Chairman Reince Priebus unveiled the Republican Party’s Growth and Opportunity Project last month, conservatives were hopeful this marked a fundamental change in the direction of the party. The 100-page document’s emphasis on engaging the grassroots and broadening party appeal seemed to indicate GOP leaders were looking to make amends with their base. Less than a month later however, the RNC renounced these claims and once again revealed the greatest hindrance to the GOP’s success: the party itself.

Initially, it was believed the RNC was sincere in their efforts to overturn the recent powergrabs that rendered delegates nothing more than pawns being used in a chess match that had long been decided without them. As FreedomWorks New Media Director Kristina Ribali noted however, this was hardly the case. – Drew Martin, April 24, 2013, Read More

Conservatives Support Repeal of Obamacare Slush Fund

The House is voting today on H.R. 1549, the “Helping Sick Americans Now Act.” This legislation enjoys broad support across the conservative movement, including from those organizations most active in Obamacare repeal efforts.

Independent Women’s Voice organized a coalition letter of twenty-one conservative organizations and leaders who support H.R. 1549, including Americans for Tax Reform, National Taxpayers Union, FreedomWorks, Let Freedom Ring, Tea Party Nation, Richard Viguerie, and Grace-Marie Turner. – Ryan Ellis, April 24, 2013, Read More

Republican effort to rebrand the party takes a hit

As the new Congress began this year, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia sought to redefine the Republican Party as focused on "making life work" for ordinary Americans.

FreedomWorks, a tea party umbrella group, welcomed it as "a tactical maneuver in a larger war, cannibalizing the implementation of Obamacare exchanges in order to gain leverage in the larger fight for healthcare freedom." – Lisa Mascaro, April 24, 2013, Read More

Shareholder asks GE to give back taxpayer profits

When does a free-marketeer condemn corporate profits? When the profits come from the taxpayer.

At yesterday’s GE shareholder conference, free-market activist Tom Borelli stood up and, in the context of GE’s involvement in the Fix The Debt campaign, pointed out GE’s tendency to seek and receive federal subsidie. “I think it represents a real reputational risk for the company to lobby for big government,” Borelli said, asking GE to give back $100 million in subsidies. – Tim Carney, April 25, 2013, Read More

In the Blogs… Bob Johnson, founder of the Black Entertainment Network (BET) recently made news over his comments on the horrendous black unemployment rate which is running about twice as high as white Americans. During his speech at the National Press Club, Johnson said, "This country would never tolerate white unemployment at 14 and 15 percent. No one would ever stay in office at 14 or 15 percent unemployment in this nation, but we've had that double unemployment for over 50 years." Read More Via email from Seth Harp, candidate for Chairman, Georgia Republican Party: I endorse this statement by Freedom Works: Establishment Republicans just can’t help themselves. Instead of working to defeat Barack Obama’s second term agenda, they continue to verbally assault conservative activists.

At a recent high-level meeting of GOP kingmakers, RNC Chief of Staff Mike Shields expressed disdain for grassroots activists – condescendingly and rudely describing them as the “professional right.” He went on to characterize grassroots organizations as “liars.” Read More  I was in Washington, D.C., on business last month during the confirmation hearings for John Kerry (secretary of state) and Chuck Hagel (secretary of defense), and I could not help but notice that the world view of both these men are not in line with the average belief of Joe American.

I met with people from across the United States, and the general consensus is that we are weaker in every area of culture and character, except the stock market. Unfortunately, the stock market is operating on a buy-low hope to sell-high principle. Read More Jon Gabriel from FreedomWorks recently wrote the following article about how the local government of Stockton, California, went on a spending spree during the housing bubble. This created a big unsustainable government and led to a bankrupt government. The local government borrowed $300 million to build, based on the false nation of wealth and prosperity created by the housing bubble. Today, Stockton is bankrupt. Read More Common Core is one of the most pressing issues of 2013 as conservative activists are working to defeat Common Core from being implemented in schools all across the country. The panel will be discussing how you or your group can work to defeat Common Core and how FreedomWorks can assist you! This is going to be a great event and we want to hear how we can help YOU! Read More While this internet sales tax scheme has been branded as helping “marketplace fairness”, all it really accomplishes is raising taxes and placing an untenable burden of compliance upon small businesses who sell their products online.  Under the interstate agreement being authorized by the “Marketplace Fairness Act”, a business selling products online would be required to figure out where their customers live and to charge them sales taxes based upon their residence, not where the business is located.  The cost of complying with the thousands of state and local sales tax regulations will be difficult for smaller online businesses to absorb. Read More Conservative House Republicans are unhappy with the Helping Sick Americans Now Act, which is slated for a vote today. “We’re shifting money from one part of Obamacare we don’t support to another part of Obamacare we don’t support,” Representative Justin Amash (R., Mich.) told reporters today. “That’s a non-starter for me.”

The bill would shift $4 billion from Obamacare to funding insurance coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions who cannot obtain affordable health insurance. Conservative groups are split on the issue: FreedomWorks backs the legislation, while Club for Growth opposes it. Read More General Electric's CEO Presents at 2013 Annual Shareholder Meeting Conference (Transcript). Read More FreedomWorks and Americans for Tax Reform are among the conservative groups supporting the legislation. The healthcare law created high-risk pools as a temporary option for people who have been denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. The pools expire in 2014, when it becomes illegal for insurance companies to deny coverage based on a pre-existing condition. Read More

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