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Press Release

Bedford CSE Leads Fight to Defeat $45 Million in New Spending

New Hampshire Citizens for a Sound Economy (NH CSE) State Director Chuck McGee today congratulated the Bedford CSE chapter for their hard work in organizing the defeat of $45 million in new, unneeded spending.

“The members of B-CSE have worked diligently to promote fair and responsible fiscal policy for the citizens of Bedford and on Tuesday their hard work paid off when voters rejected $45 million in new spending” said McGee. “Despite being out spent nearly 25 to 1, despite the Bedford School Board using taxpayer money to advocate for a high school and despite unscrupulous websites designed to confuse and scare voters, B-CSE and taxpayers prevailed.”

B-CSE collected nearly 1000 signatures at a booth set-up outside the polls on Election Day that called for a special election to be held on the Manchester tuition contract as a standalone option.

“B-CSE is in the process of collecting signatures that would allow a vote on the Manchester tuition contract as a stand alone vote this spring. Passage of the tuition contract would dramatically reduce the expected jump in the tax rate,” continued McGee. “We are sure that certain individuals will attempt to silence our efforts as political payback but we are prepared to offer Bedford a path forward; to the benefit of students and taxpayers.”

Members and the public are invited to visit or for more information and to join CSE.