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Press Release

Demand Real Property Tax Reform for Pennsylvania!

Governor Rendell's tax shift plan will be on the ballot this Tuesday, May 15th. Voters will be asked to vote on the Act 1 question in nearly every school district in Pennsylvania. This question does not involve real and lasting property tax reform or relief. It only provides a tax shift and a temporary property tax reduction. Once the income tax levels are increased, very little prevents your property taxes from continuing to increase.

Join the growing list of voices who want real property tax reform for Pennsylvania now!

Rendell's proposed tax shift produces a few winners and many losers. The winners will be those homeowners with a very low household income. However, any property tax relief will likely be temporary since property taxes can continue to increase in the future. The losers will be those who don’t own a home or have above average household incomes of approximately $43,000. But this is just another revenue grab by out-of-control government spenders, which means all Pennsylvanians will quickly become the losers.

For detailed information [from the Commonwealth Foundation] on the tax shift, CLICK HERE.

Don't forget to vote on May 15th!


Joe Hilliard
Field Coordinator
FreedomWorks Pennsylvania