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Press Release

Fifteen FreedomWorks Activists Attend Northwest Telecom Forum hosted by Rep. Jay Inslee


SEATTLE. Approximately 15 Washington FreedomWorks activists attended the Northwest Telecommunications Forum hosted by Rep. Jay Inslee (D-1) on Friday, September 9, 2005 at the Seattle Center.

Panels of experts spoke on digital television transition and broadband and IP-related services. FW activists were able to move the discussion to HR 3146, the Video Choice Act, by directing specific questions to the congressman.

Rep. Inslee stated that he has not signed onto HR 3146 as a matter of caution but that we do need to move in the direction of getting consumers faster access to broadband and he would support one of the several bills moving in that direction. He said that Congress has the goal to have national broad band access. Rep. Inslee also stated that he has a problem with some municipalities having build out requirements for new companies entering the market.

Inslee’s statements at the forum were welcomed by FW activists as a sign that he understands the need to inject more competition into the industry and pave the way for new technological developments.

We need to continue to tell Rep. Inslee and other members of our delegation that this is a critical issue for Washington and that we want to be able to “choose our cable” and reap the benefits of competition: more choices…better service… lower prices!

Contact Rep. Inslee at 202.225.6311 or

FreedomWorks Activist Doug Timpe stands in line (4th) to pose a question to Rep. Inslee

Group shot, Inslee on far right of panel