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Press Release

FreedomWorks Attends Congressman Reichert’s Social Security Workshop


FreedomWorks Washington members attended Congressman Reichert’s Social Security Workshop on March 29, 2005, at Bellevue High School. The panel included Rob Nichols – US Treasury, Sally Canfield – Speaker Hastert’s Staff, and Paul Guppy – Washington Policy Center.

Washington FreedomWorks activists turned out for the event and distributed over 300 copies of the Social Security reform booklet to attendees at this standing room only event. Written questions were submitted to the panel and answers from the panel were met from a rowdy crowd that had to be silenced several times – unfortunately primarily in opposition to PRAs. SEIU was the primary visible organized opposition, and Generations Together (sponsored by COMPASS, of which Washington FreedomWorks is a regional member) had a representative who had additional signs and distributed buttons supporting PRAs.