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Press Release

FreedomWorks Attends Virginia Convention

FreedomWorks staff member Nan Swift and FreedomWorks NC volunteer Joyce Krawiec manned a booth at the 2008 Virginia GOP convention distributing literature on topics like cap and trade, the mortgage bailout, grassroots activism, and the 2008 elections in addition to the standard FreedomWorks Voter Education Cards with information on entitlements, energy, healthcare, taxes and spending, and regulations. 

Information flew off the table, people were eager to read anything we could give them.  We proudly distributed copies of the letters to the editor that were printed in the Wall Street Journal showing what a real grassroots organization looked like.  Eyes lit up when they saw bumper stickers that defended property rights and school choice.  Others stopped to discuss why we were calling for a flat tax on bumper stickers that explained a flat tax was a great way to bug the I.R.S. 

Almost everyone who stopped to talk became a member.  Many were fed up with the status quo and were looking for an outlet where they could really make a difference.  And when Joyce began to explain that we were trying to form a cohesive VA chapter to actually get things done the way activists had stopped bad policies in North Carolina, people wanted to be a part of a real movement.  Most were concerned with property rights or school choice. One man from the western part of Virginia recently discovered that much of his land was unusable – a new law deemed the grade to steep to be built on.  Other parents were concerned that Virginia could follow in the steps of California were a ruling declared home schooling illegal.

With a new group of over 30 people ready to organize, Virginia will soon be ready to take on whatever freedom fights are thrown their way.