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Press Release

FreedomWorks Launches Online Campaign to Stop HillaryCare

When Hillary Clinton launched a plan to socialize America’s health-care system in 1993, Citizens for a Sound Economy organized grassroots efforts that resulted in the plan’s defeat. Today, Hillary Clinton is touting yet another proposal to expand government control over the nation’s medicine. And once again FreedomWorks, the new name for Citizens for a Sound Economy, is working to mobilize grassroots opposition. Using viral video and social networking, FreedomWorks is making its mission to “Stop HillaryCare. Again.”

The first video advertisement in the Stop HillaryCare campaign can be viewed here: The video, produced by FreedomWorks' Peter Suderman, has already been viewed more than 9,200 times on YouTube.

FreedomWorks is also launching a related Facebook Group called "Stop HillaryCare. Again.", which has attracted over 800 members and growing.

Finally, FreedomWorks has released a redesign of its blog, FreedomTalks, at The blog gives FreedomWorks a channel to rapidly respond with the facts on health care and other key economic issues.

To advance these expanded campaigns, FreedomWorks recently added three new members to its media and campaign team.

Peter Suderman joined FreedomWorks in August from National Review Online, where he was managing editor. Suderman serves as a Policy Analyst and writer at FreedomWorks and is a primary contributor to the FreedomTalks blog. Since joining FreedomWorks, Suderman has been published in The Examiner, The Washington Times, Cnet, Townhall, and National Review Online.

Nan Swift recently joined FreedomWorks as a Campaign Coordinator. Previously, she served at the Leadership Institute where she organized students on college campuses and trained people to be more effective communicators. As a Campaign Coordinator, Swift will work with directly with FreedomWorks activists to advocate for lower taxes and less government.

Thomas Keeley is the new Online Marketing Coordinator. Keeley will manage FreedomWorks’ online marketing and internet community-building outreach. Previous to FreedomWorks, Keeley was a Development Fellow at the Leadership Institute.